Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Dare Game

Jaqueline Wilson dares you to read The Dare Game! And I double-dare you to read this reading journal! The Dare Game is so far probably the best book that the best author ever has written. Tracy Beaker, all her life, has been the ueen of Dares. She loves to play what she calls footie (guess? football!), and she is a lovable (and of course) ,daring girl. She has a foster mum called Cam, short for Camilla, and she always thought that they would live forever and ever, only filled with happiness. She was wrong.

If you got tense at that part, of course it has a happy ending! In fact, it is so happy that it doesn't seem like a book anymore, it feels like you're there, in between the big fat letters, staring at what is going on, what the words explain. Tracy loves her mum. She and Cam have been living together for a long time, not keeping in touch with her mum. One day, she finds an empty house while walking off from the middle of school. She hates school so so much because of Ms. V. Bagley. She calls her Ms. Vomit Bagley, just to show how much she looks like a bag of sick. Or how much she is one.

Tracy, of course as I told you, lives happy afterward. She used to want to live with her mum, but now she lives with Cam. And believe it or not, she likes that better! Tracy has two other friends she makes throughout the book, and those two are called Alexander and Football.(Funny name, huh?)

I think this is a great book to read because it shows all the feelings the character felt throughout this part of her life. Jaqueline Wilson again dares you to read more books!


  1. Good work on your journal entry. I was a little confused when you talked about Tracy and Cam living together and Tracy not keeping touch with her mom. Why is this happening? There are a lot of general ideas in your writing. Try to be more specific in your examples to let me know that you are thinking about your reading and understanding the lessons we are doing in class. If you have problems, refer to the example I gave you on the instruction sheet.

  2. Person! This is me to me! I am cool!